About this blog and its author: Roger W. Manning, found at :rmann862582@me.com

Why Have a Blog? Reason One

Like many other authors, I wanted to create a site where I could get word out to potential readers about my writing. That’s one reason for this blog. I’ve read Nina Amir’s Kindle book on blogging a book and wanted to have my own blog after reading hers, though hers is for nonfiction and my writings are fiction. Nonetheless, her recommendation is to have a blog even if you are writing fiction.

I’ve told my friends on Facebook about my writings, but at times I feel like I’m imposing on them when I talk about what I write. So, one solution was to create a FB page about my writings, which I’ve done, the second was to create a blog. Viola.

Why Have a Blog? Reason Two

My second reason for having a blog is to write about my experience in learning to be a writer and share what I find about beginning writing. I’ve noticed that many new writers, like myself, feel like an ‘owl among crows’ when they attend workshops or writing groups. Often, they don’t ask questions for fear of looking and feeling dumb. And, they shy away from interaction for the same reasons. This blog is for them (and me).

What to expect from my blog

So, with these reasons in mind, I will talk about what I’ve experienced while learning to write, which is an ongoing experience. I will also include gems that I think will help others either by pointing to them with links, or quoting the sources.

What is your role?

If you choose, you can simply read my blog and go on about your business, or you can subscribe to it. If you like, you can ask questions, or give me comments about what was helpful to you or not. Either way, thanks for viewing my site or contributing to it.