A Little Birdie Whispered

If you are on the verge of working with GoDaddy, WordPress, CreateSpace and Kindle here are some hints.

Make yourself a file for each of these products. In it, put the username, password, email address, customer number (as in your GoDaddy client number), pin number, etc. and save them. That will make your life easier. One thing I didn’t record is my GoDaddy customer number. You can have everything else and not be able to do business unless you have that number. For me, it took a phone call and a barrage of questions to find out my client number. ‘Nuf said.

Next, when you are uploading, activating, creating, documents, pages, and books, keep step-by-step track of what you are doing. It may be weeks or months before you get back to performing these steps. That’s why webmasters are paid well, they know what to keep track of and how to make the task easier. If you are doing it yourself, as I did, you are learning as you go. Trust me. This will be a valuable step.

At one time, I was a network administrator. Some years later, when I was working on my home network, I realized I had to perform all the tasks as a home network administrator I performed as a network administrator in a large organization, I just had fewer people to deal with. The same is true when working with self publishing. You have all the tasks to perform of a publishing company. You may not have some of the headaches of working with other people, but you don’t have the support of other people either.

If  When you do run into a problem, don’t immediately assume you caused it. Likewise, don’t immediately assume the service provider caused it. Write them or call them and in as dispassionate a way as you can muster, give them the details of the problem. It is likely that they experience problems such as yours more frequently than you do. They are likely to find a good fix and get back to you.

I have had issues with all the service providers I mentioned in the first sentence. In some instances, their system or instructions were the problem. In other instances my understanding or misinformation was the problem. In every instance, we eventually worked through the problem.

The learning curve of taking on creating your own blog, writing your own books or articles, and posting them to e-readers or POD books is a steep, but not impossible, one.   Thinking back on my learning curve, it was more like a roller coaster. It had many ups and downs, but in the long run, the ups – such as seeing your book in print – were more than enough to make up for the downs.