New Plans/Reset/Overs/Begin Again

I will be attending a writer’s workshop in April, the West Texas Trail Writer’s Association. Although it as a Western theme, writers of every genre attend. We have also had editors, historians, the state poet, and indie authors.

Other than being around other authors, the thing I like most is the variety of speakers. Every time I go I am inspired by something one of them says.

During the last conference, we had a speaker who focused on the business of writing. Her name is Nina Amir.  She bills herself as an “Inspiration to Creation Coach.” Her newest book on writing is, “The Author Training Manual: Develop Marketable Ideas, Craft Books that Sell, Become the Author Publishers Want, Self-publish Effectively.” I haven’t read  it yet, but she was working on it during our last conference. She followed through and viola, the book is available for pre-order.

I look at the conference as a time to recharge my batteries, to catch a breath from my daily activities, and get back to the business of writing. How do I lose focus, you may ask? Well, I agree to do too many things for others and find that I have little time to get the things done I want to do.

This year, I agreed to teach extra classes at the University. Then I found there were no support materials – after I agreed to teach. I had to develop the classes from scratch, two of them. The effect of that is, I am a week ahead of the students in both classes. I plan to use Spring Break to get ahead, but that will still leave me scrambling to keep up.

So, I am cutting my classes down to one next fall. I also plan to hone my “Help Me” detector. When it goes off, I will say no. Why am I being hard nosed?

I am several books behind in editing and I have lost ground in writing. I feel like I am hopelessly bogged in past due, self-imposed assignments, struggling to keep up with the projects I have planned, and verging on vapor lock because of those two things. No one can get me out of the mess I’ve gotten myself into but me.