Mountain Retreat

I will be spending a few days in the Rockies for the next week. I love to go there. Where I’m going is so remote there is no TV, no telephone reception, little radio. Radio reception is like the old days. In the daytime it is sporadic. At night, radio comes in clearly.

I have noticed over the years of going to the Rockies that I come back feeling refreshed in a way that cannot be found otherwise. In short, I say my batteries are recharged. For several reasons, I was unable to go last year or the year before. I really felt deprived. So, I’m going to make up for it this year. I’ll go next week, then I have two other short trips planned for this summer.

In addition to hiking and enjoying nature, I love to sit on the front porch in the afternoon and read science fiction. Along with that, I outline characters I’m thinking about and stories I’m working on. I can usually produce more than a year’s worth of story ideas in a week of porch sitting.

My brother and his wife will be there also. He loves to sketch and paint. She does crafts. Both read. So, it will be a rejuvenating experience for us all. She likes to play table games. I usually opt out of those. If I’m going to waste time, I prefer to do it in other ways.

The last time I was there, my son wanted to cut firewood. I couldn’t as my back was bothering me, so I watched a pit oven (dig a hole, wrap your meat in foil, cover with coals, put in a pipe to allow air to get to the coals, let sit for the afternoon as it bakes) for my son. After I had watched the pit oven for about thirty minutes, a volcanic stone exploded. Yes, that’s right! A stone exploded.

I was hit by stone shrapnel and fell backwards off my chair. The report from the explosion was so loud my son heard it over the sound of the chain saw he was operating. He sent his youngest son to check on me. I was putting out the fire on my serape when he came around the corner of the cabin.

In addition to my serape being marked, there were holes burned in the webbing on my lawn chair.

What, you didn’t know stones would explode? Neither did I.

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