My Excuse for not Writing as Much in the Past Year

I finished my semester tests last week, then had to contend with students who clearly failed but expected to receive A’s.

Now that those issues have been put to rest, I’m back to writing and editing. I’ve already written one short story and edited it. It is pending acceptance. Then I began working on a second one. The first one is about a space salesman who sells the wrong thing to a planet with strong women.

The second is actually a part of my family’s history. I had a fourth great grandfather who was in the war of 1812 who had a stepson and a drunkard wife. He was gravely wounded in the war and thought to be dead. His wife applied for his pension.

About the same time, the stepson ran away and joined a ship’s crew only to drown off the coast of South America.

I’ve taken that story and reset it into a science fiction setting. So the result is a story partly based on true events.

It if fun to express my imagination again. As some of you know, if you have followed my blog for the last nine months, I undertook too much of a teaching load, and my writing suffered as a result.

Now that I am off for the summer, I’m catching up on my writing and editing. As with any writer, I think it difficult to find time to write when I’m working full time.

Next semester I will be teaching fewer courses, so I will not have the problem I’ve experienced for the last nine months.