And the Living is Easy

I’ve been on my summer break for eleven days as of today. Today is the first day I feel like I’m not hustling to catch up. More importantly, I have written two short stories from the last day of school. Getting to be creative is the very thing that makes me feel like I’m no longer under the burden of keeping up with someone else’s work.
That’s not to say that I don’t like teaching, I do, but I love creative writing more and it is my writing that suffers if I get involved in working too much.
Now that I’ve allowed a burst of creative energy, I feel like getting back on my writing schedule of writing in the evenings when my wife is at work. I know several authors who write in the mornings, but I typically use that time to take care of chores. Then in the afternoon, it’s exercise time, nap time, then writing time.
There’s actually one more time when I work on my writing. It’s when I’m asleep. I can’t say that I do this all the time, but fairly often I dream about what I’m writing. Recently, I was editing my latest book and I had a dream about two of my characters and their relationship. The dream led me to edit in a significant change in the book that according to one of my readers, made the book have a satisfying ending.
I wish I had some direct control over when I was going to dream and which writing issues I am going to dream about, but I don’t. Not complaining, mind you, I’ll take what I can get from whatever muses or succubi press close to me during the night.