New Book

Just finished Skean Dhu and the Pirates of Blacktom. It’s a story about a girl who is living with her parents on a remote planet. Her father is gone most of the time and her mother’s mental health is deteriorating.
She decides to run away from home and find herself. First she goes to the capital city of her home world. There she runs into a pirate she insults and has to run away from. From that point on, he is after her. He captures her three times, but she escapes.
Finally, he hooks up with villains called the Tanmaury Alliance. Together they attack the planet of Anzu where Skean Dhu’s mother was born, though Skean doesn’t know it.
Skean Dhu happens upon a goddess hidden deep in the temple caves on Anzu who transforms her from an ordinary girl to one with a sacred mission. When that happens, Skean finds out the truth about her mother, then goes out to fulfill her destiny.
It’s on the editor’s desk today. I don’t know the timeline exactly from here to my publishing Skean, but I think it will go something like this. She will edit it in about three weeks. I’ll get it back and make corrections. Then it will be published in July.
My next task is to edit the book I wrote before Skean Dhu. It’s called Red Maslem. I started editing it the day I sent Skean off. I’m on page 50 of about 244 pages. I think I’ll have it edited before the first one comes back.
Next, I have two other books awaiting final edits from me. Oy vey! No one ever told me having fun was this much work.