Summer’s over musings

Fishing trips, vacations, and parties are all over, and it’s time to get back to business. I turned on my computer after days of absence and, what do you know? I had a pop-up virus. No matter what I did with my cursor, a new pop-up appeared. Click on a file – pop-ups. Hover over a clickable word on the page – pop-ups. Open a new page, another page pops up and takes me to it where I can read ads for other junk that will have hidden files in it to further screw up my computer.
Four hours later with multiple scans, downloads, and file removals, I’m no longer receiving pop-ups. Lovely!
My trips were not entirely without merit when it came to working on stories. One of my highlights was visiting the San José Mission in San Antonio, Texas. The first Spanish there were exploring a new world and establishing their culture among the natives. I love first contact science fiction, so it is a short jump for me to begin using what I learned there to imagine what it would be like to be in first contact with aliens.
On my deep-sea fishing trip, I had a companion among six of us, who was a total ass. I’ve known him for years, but I hadn’t been confined with him and a small group for five days before. Before the five days were over, I was thinking about ways I could throw him overboard. He’s been a friend for years, but I’ve always enjoyed him in short bursts. Twenty-four seven of his constant talking about himself was a bit wearing. I thought about what it would be like to be on a space mission with someone like him. He is someone who was so obnoxious that everyone would eventually conspire against him.
Finally, I watched a 10-year-old fisherman skunk all the adults around him. His name was Omar. Omar caught fish after fish and had learned how to work the crowd watching him so that he was using their bait, hooks, lures, and even their boats. He was a diminutive, angler, con artist.
Sometimes on my summer outings, I take along a moleskin notebook to record what I have seen and heard. This time I didn’t. It worked out okay, but I think the next time I’ll go back to carrying my notebook. It’s a useful way to remember details that come December will fade.
PS: After I wrote this and posted it, I saw it was filled with links to malware and viruses. I removed it so that you wouldn’t get your machine infected, then worked for the past several days to assure my computer was virus free.