Time for a Change

Another school year begins tomorrow. For me, it will be the last. I have taught one thing or another since 1970.
My last class will be an economics for social sciences. This semester I’m teaching human behavior in the social environment. The first course is about as abstract as anything I’ve taught except for social theories. The HBSE is a broad survey course that has to do with the many ways of looking at human behavior. I like it more than the economics class.
Last year, my writing suffered because I was overwhelmed with preparations for classes. I did write a book, but I haven’t edited it yet. I have edited two books this year. One is finished and the other is two-thirds done. I have one more to edit before I have cleaned my desk of old, unedited books.
I don’t think I will take part in NaNoWriMo this year. Why? I have found that when I write a book in 30 days, it takes me months to edit it. I think it would be better to take longer to write it, then have less editing to do. Maybe that’s true, maybe not.
Writers have to balance the other things they have to do with their wish to write. For me, work (official, paid work) takes precedence over writing. Why? I’m meeting other’s expectations.
When writing on my own, I only have my expectations, which are pretty high. Having other’s demands takes time from what I want to do. So, I think it is now that I quit work and concentrate on writing.