Now that You have a Book, What Next?

A few hours ago I took my fourth book to a local office supply shop to have it printed. I think most everyone agrees that somehow words look differently on the printed page than on a small screen. I always find problems with the written text that I didn’t see on my computer screen.
Now that I have a new book, the question becomes: What will I do now? As I dropped it off and started back home, I was thinking about my next steps. I’ll have to get my book to an editor to get someone else’s perspective. However, before I do that, I’ll have a last edit of my own.
When I get it to the editor, I know she will find problems that I didn’t see. I just accept that. It is always true. That doesn’t mean that I always agree with her, but I certainly give her edits serious consideration.
Next, I’ll get it ready for a ‘proof’ copy. I’ll look at that again and have several other people look at it. Then, when I’m satisfied that it the book is near perfect, I’ll either send it to an editor or indie publish it.
The next phase will be to let the world know it is there. This is where things get complicated. I will make my new book and my earlier ones free on Kindle. Then I’ll announce on my blog and social media they are available for free. Prior to that, I’ll let the organizations I belong to know I have a new book. I’ll also let the local media know.
Hopefully, the book will be available on Kindle and CreateSpace at the same time. The reason I’ll make it free is so that the numbers requested will go up. That should create interest in the book that sales alone will not.
At the same time, I will update my old books and Internet references to include my new book and cross-reference them. I want to make it easy for readers to find my other works.
Finally, I’ll make a circuit through several venues where I take my books with me and sell them direct to the public.