Getting a Book out the Door

Last November, during the National Novel Writing Month, I wrote a book called Skean Dhu and the Pirates of Blacktom.
When I’m writing fast, as is required in NaNoWriMo, I make plenty of mistakes, leave things out, repeat myself, and confuse characters along with other facts. I make every mistake a writer can make except to stop writing.
During the last several months, I have been editing this work. I put it away last spring as I had too many classes to keep up with at the University. When I returned to it in June, I was still interested in my story. I let a few people see it and, I was encouraged by their feedback.
Finally, in July, I sent to the editor. She sent it back to me all marked up, just as you might expect. So, I made her corrections, then read my book online, making further changes. A week or so ago, I had the book printed in hard copy and began a final edit. Again I found hundreds of changes I wanted to make. I am always surprised how reading a paper copy differs from reading on a computer. Somehow, problems that elude me on the screen pop out when they are in hard copy.
Next week, the work will go to the final editor, a different one that has edited it already. She’s a professional editor with real world experience. I think she will find a few more problems, but not as many as have been discovered already.
This will be book number three to be in print for me. Two others await editing. It is a long process and somewhat difficult to endure at times. But the end product is that readers will enjoy what they are reading more than if I just edited it and turned it loose.
I will be getting the book published before Christmas, this year. I’ll be glad to have it out the door.
As a counterbalance to what I’m saying, I have a friend who is a beautiful writer. I don’t think I will ever be able to reach his level of elegant prose. Sadly, he will never have anything published. He is so sensitive to any level of criticism that he just cannot send anything he wrote to an editor or agent. He did send his book to an editor once and is still incensed at the editor’s comments, and that was years ago. It is sad.