A Little Housekeeping

With a gap of a couple of months behind me, I’m now back to writing. Pneumonia takes a toll on one’s body and mind. I found myself one night trying to compose an email with two lines. In the second line, I had the word ‘care.’ I couldn’t remember how to spell it. After about thirty minutes of trying to muddle through the correct spelling, I stopped and wisely decided to finish it the next day.
Recovery has been painfully slow. The medical doctors tell me you spend about a week in recovery for every two days in the hospital. I will be recovering for about seven weeks.
I think I’ll use that time to edit things I have already written. Creativity will come when it does and nothing can force it. Even if creativity comes earlier, if being able to spell and punctuate don’t come back, it will be scribbling.
Recently, I decided to read some Sci-Fi for fun. I have been caught up in writing and editing so much that I put off reading for enjoyment. I have bought Sci Fi books by the pound before, just a large ten-pound box. So, when I picked two books to read, I picked one based on reviews of the author. You would know his name. The other won my approval by the title and cover (“…judge a book by its…,” yes, I know).
Anyway, I selected a book by its cover. When I began reading, I found many errors. For examples: the author over explained, there were spelling errors, using the wrong word, he switched character’s names without explanation, rescues dues ex machina, he interchanged he’s and she’s so that I couldn’t tell a character’s gender. I considered reading no more of the book early on. I didn’t stop, however. Why? He told a good story. It wasn’t a great story, it was entertaining. His most outstanding ability was his verbal descriptions. I thought it odd that his attention to detail problematic, but about the space ship in his story and the characters themselves, he provided detail.
I’ll have more later. For now, I am just keeping up with the little things I can and putting larger tasks on hold.