Works in Progress (WIP)

My WordPress is not working properly. I had a page identified as Works in Progress (WIP). It has disappeared along with another page. Here is a reproduction of the original post with a few additions.

Posted about June 6th:

I took a vacation last week and thought about new projects as well as contemplated some old ones. I decided to create a new category on my blog and call it Works in Progress (WIPs). As usual I generated more ideas for projects than I can do in a year, so my WIPs will be full for the next twelve months. Sometimes I work on several stories at once, so the numbers indicate nothing other that that’s the order I listed them in my idea book.

One of the issues I’m considering is doing the NaNoWriMo competition again. For the non-cognoscenti, that’s the competition to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.

I’m also adding to my WIPs three books on that I have at various stages of completion. For each project I mention, I will have a percent beside it indicating how complete it is. If it is completely new, I will have a N by it. So, here goes.

  1. 1.       Anthem III, 95%. This is the third book in my Anthem series. I hope to have it completed this month though I am scheduled for three trips out of town.
  2. 2.       Red Maslem and the Pilots of Anzu, 50%. I wrote this book last November for NaNoWriMo. It was written quickly, so it needs heavy editing and completion in parts of the story.
  3. 3.       Viney Woods, 40%. This is the first novel I wrote. It needs heavy editing. At this point, it is a candidate for staying on the back burner. I don’t know if the problems it has are insurmountable.
  4. 4.       Crystal Cave, 10%. This book is in outline form for three chapters and chapter titles for the next ten chapters or so. The outline is rough. I think this may be my candidate for NaNoWriMo. I will complete the outline for all the chapters by November.

What’s it about? It is about a young man discovering Shamen entombed in crystals in a cave. The cave is the universal burying ground of Shamen.

  1. 5.        Something Weird, N. Will be a story about an abandoned space colony. The only building remaining standing and complete is a strange building where noises can be heard at night.
  2. 6.       Rupture, N. Travelers going through a wormhole are thrown far off their course by a rupture in the WH. They land in a world filled with horrors, especially one…
  3. 7.       Secrets of Loma Prieta, N. A New York writer goes to a conference in Albuquerque, NM and falls in love with it. He brings his family there to a ranch he bought. Strange happenings occur and his daughter is drawn into enchantment by Spanish mythical creatures.
  4. 8.       Beyond Rescue, N. A space ship is passing an alien planet and is suddenly pulled inextricably to the planet’s surface. Everything happened so quickly, no emergency beacons were deployed. The survivors are at the mercy of the adventure that awaits them.
  5. 9.       The Ace of Spades, N. A drug dealer builds a house on a medicine mound. All of his excesses and abuses haunt him through the spirit of the medicine man who lived there. It’s been done.
  6. 10.   Navigation Room, N. A descendant of Salem witches and his wife, a descendant of American Indians who massacred at Jamestown, build a new house far in the western U.S. A mysterious young woman shows up at the home. The housekeeper’s curiosity…
  7. 11.   Calypso, N. A young man meets a woman he falls deeply in love with. When he brings her home, his father tells him that she is his sister. His mother has a different story.

(I was copying from Word and WordPress added the extra numbers. Go figure.