How to Write a book that’s over 500 Pages. Sort of.

While I was at the Midland writer’s meeting last Saturday, one of new writers asked me how I was so prolific. After I got a good laugh out of that, I realized that from his point of view, I was prolific. I have three books that are over 500 pages each. I wrote them from December of 2012 to April of 2013.  Sort of.

I told him you start on page one and don’t stop until you’re over 500 pages. And that’s correct. Sort of.

I was in the NaWriNoMo competition last November. After that, I decided I’d had so much fun writing a 50,000+ words in a month, I’d take the short stories I’d been working on, put them into collections and publish. Turns out I had three books of 500+ pages. Then came the editing, the conversion to Kindle’s format, conversion to CreateSpace and marketing. It was easy. Sort of.

My stories are typically around 5000 words. It takes me about three days to turn out a story, if I work straight through on it.  That’s around 1700 words a day. I seldom work straight through, unless I’m doing something like NaWriNoMo. So, I may take a week or so to write a 5000 word story. Piece of cake. Sort of.

I think it really helped for me to compete in NaWriNoMo. It gave me a sense of what it takes to put a book together. It gave me a sense of how much has to go into writing something of small book length. After a few days of rest from the competition, I was ready for the next project, writing my collections of short stories. My wife heartily went along with my new project. Sort of.