Now for Something Completely Different (With Apologies to Monty P.)

I’ve been writing mostly Fantasy and Science Fiction since 2008. Not long in geologic terms but long enough. An acquaintance suggested I write a children’s story. I demurred. That’s not what I do. I do Fantasy and Sci Fi.

Shortly after that, I began to think about what I might write if I wrote a children’s story. You’ve probably guessed the rest. Yes, I’m going to work on a children’s story about my dog. He’s named, Buddy.

The story will be one about Buddy’s adventures through my imagination. I will be his voice. All I have to go by is what I think he thinks. The little I know is that dogs are able to function on about a two-year-old level, so this should be somewhere in that range.

He is a rescue dog, so the first installment will be about his adventures in finding his adoptive family. Of course, I don’t know where he came from or how he got to the shelter. That’s all made up. But in reality, I think it is something like what I’ve written.

I’ll post the first several pages:

Hi. My name is Buddy, Buddy The Dog.

One day, about two years ago, I was living with a family that had three children. They were happy kids and I loved them. They were Ronnie, Rhonda, and Robert. Sometimes when I said their names, it kinda sounded like a growl. But it wasn’t because I loved them.

We lived in the country. The city was far away, but not so far that their parents couldn’t drive there. Sometimes they took me when they went to the city. I liked that. That’s because their dad would open a window and let me hang my head out. It’s a dog thing, you know.

One day we went to town and I was hanging my head out the window, enjoying the wind in my face. When we stopped, my family went into a building. I waited for them for a while, then I noticed the window was still open. I got up on my back feet and wiggled through the window.

I tried to go into the building where they had gone, but I couldn’t get in the door. I tried to be friendly and follow people. I smiled at them and walked by them, but they just closed the door. Finally, I sat down and waited. I waited and waited until I couldn’t wait anymore. That’s when my troubles began.

I began looking around the building where my family had gone. After I looked around it for a while, I smelled some wonderful food. It was coming from large containers. They were too big for me to get into for some lunch. So, I began looking around for something to eat.

After a while I looked up and everything looked strange. I didn’t know where I was or where my family was. I couldn’t see the building they went into anymore. I was lost.

I sat down and cried. I wished I was back home with Ronnie, Rhonda, and Robert, playing in their back yard. Then it got dark outside. My family always took me inside at night, but I couldn’t find anyone to take me in their house.

I found a box in an alley and made my bed there. The alley was filled with strange sounds. There were people talking all around in their houses. There were dogs that I didn’t know barking in the night. I barked with them for a while, but I think they were all barking at me. I stopped after a while and tried to sleep.

Then, before sunrise, in the morning, people began leaving their homes and driving down the alley where I was sleeping. One of them stopped and tried to get me into their car. I don’t know why I didn’t get in, but I ran. I ran as hard and as fast as I’ve ever ran before.

Later that day, a man in a truck came driving around the neighborhood where I was lost. When he saw me, he stopped and offered me a little bit of food. Boy was I happy. I finally found someone who wanted to feed me.

Before I knew it, he put the loop on his dog pole around my neck and dragged me to his truck. He put me in a cage and closed the door. The rest of the day he picked up more dogs.

If you like the story, let me know. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated also. The person who suggested I write a children’s story is an artist and asked that she have first dibs at illustrating it. When I’ve finished three books, I’ll run them by her.