Nanowrimo is coming up next month. I’ll participate again this year.

Did I publish last year’s work? No. Has anyone seen last year’s work but me? No. Then why?

Nanowrimo takes too much time, too much effort and realizes so little. For me, it’s like practicing the martial arts forms. When I do them, I’m not fighting anyone. There is nothing to win. Someone watching me without knowing what’s going on might think I’m crazy.

I remember one time a little boy who saw me doing forms. He said, “Mommie, who is that guy fighting.”

Nanowrimo is like that for me. It gets me into the mojo of writing. I’m inspired by the challenge and the fact I can stay disciplined for so long.

This year I have planned my effort better. I have outlined the chapters I intend to write. I know. I will abandon the outline. It gives me a roadmap. I may take side trips, but I will go back to the map as I want. It’s the discipline of thinking through the novel before I write it.

I have pictures of each character. Along with that, I have character descriptions for each one.

For some scenes, I have pictures of the landscape, a ship, or the scene where the action will take place. I heard an accomplished western writer give a talk this year. He often goes to the real scene where action he is writing about took place. I liked his idea.

As a fiction writer, I can’t do that. So, second best, I find a scene that is a close match for the scene in my head. When I write about it, I look at the picture. Same thing with the pictures of the characters. I can describe a face or a scene better if I can see it, even in a photo. There are nuances in the photos I would never dream up without looking.

I don’t have to use public domain photos either. I am able to describe something I’m looking at, I’m not actually using the picture itself.

So, in ten days, I’m off to the races. I’ll report on how I’m doing throughout the month. I got da mojo.