NaNoWriMo Week Two

I sat out to write a novel this month in the NaNoWriMo contest. The first weekend I wrote 18,000 words, then next few days, a little over 6,000. I now stand at 24,137. Tonight and tomorrow night I’ll write 3,000 each, then this weekend, I’ll shoot for another 18,000.

So far the experience has not been that bad. I haven’t been able to keep up with my favorite shows on TV – not a great loss. My ‘Honey Do’ list has been neglected. I made up for that a bit this weekend.

The biggest problem came last Monday. I came off my 18 hour work weekend with the inability to pronounce words clearly. Words that I normally have no problems with, when giving a lecture, I stumbled over. Words I normally have a problem with, I couldn’t say at all.

I didn’t recover until I had a few nights sleep without writing. I can’t say I didn’t think about writing. I frequently dream about stories I’m writing. There is a scene I’m doing to write tonight I worked out in my sleep. In it, the protagonist is in the proverbial sealed room with no way out. It’s her childhood bedroom’s accompanying bathroom. She recalls the clothes hamper is a ‘V’ shaped storage bin that opens into the bathroom and the laundry room. All she has to do to escape her bedroom is crawl in the bin and push on the ceiling so the bin tilts into the laundry room. She does have to be careful though. If she doesn’t control her speed, there will be an audible thump when the bin comes to rest in the laundry room.

I actually had a laundry bin like that once. It was in my bathroom. One day I opened it at the same time my neighbor opened hers. I saw light and bent to see my neighbor looking back at me. We said quick embarrassed hellos, then closed the bins.

We talked about the issue later and had the land lord install a barrier so neighbors wouldn’t be so ‘neighborly’ by accident.