The Madness will End Soon – NaNoWriMo

I’m on day 17 for NaNoWriMo. As of today, I have 39,343 words out of a required 50,000. So, I should be done by the 22nd. That’s great because I will have house guests on the 23rd. They will be here for a couple of days, then it will be Thanksgiving and I want to be finished before Thanksgiving week. There are so many things going on that week, anything I leave on the table will not be done.

I had a little crisis this weekend with the writing. It’s not that the voices in my head stopped talking to me. It’s that I got tired of listening to them. I decided I needed to spice up my current chapter to hold my interest until the end. I went to good ole Joseph Campbell and looked up the Journey of a Hero. In this case, my protagonist is a female, so I also looked up the Journey of a Heroine. They are different in storyline and timeline. Interesting stuff.

That got me going again. I decided to have my heroine meet a hermit/priestess in a cave. Problem? How do I get her to the cave, what will the priestess be like. How does she live in the cave. What will happen with my heroine as a result of meeting her.

There you go and there I went. I threw off the write’s slow down – not quite writer’s block, and began with a fresh outlook.

I modeled my hermit/priestess after Vicki Mackenzie, a real life Buddhist monk. But with due respect to Priestess Mackenzie, it was only a partial modeling. She was my inspiration, my take off point. The priestess in my story doesn’t resemble MacKenzie except for a few brief lines.

I left my heroine in the hermit’s cave eating magic mushrooms and nibbling on centipedes. By tomorrow, I will be thinking about getting her out. She will be changed by her experience. How will she be changed? I will be surprised by what happens to her, just as you will.