NaNoWriMO: Almo Finisimo

So, here we are more than half way through the month. I am at 42,422 words. Almo-st Finis-hed. I have less than 8,000 words to go. Tonight, I intended to add 3,000 words making the finishing glide through Thanksgiving week an easy one.

Then reality, in the name of my wife, sets in. We have guests coming in two days. She has an early winter cold and has had to miss work and somebody has to do the grocery shopping for next week. I wonder who that somebody might be.

Yes, I went to the store at a balmy 86 degrees. I shopped for two hours, not because I had two hours of shopping to do, but because everyone was doing their one hour of shopping at the same time. For some items, shelves were cleaned out, eggs are an example. No eggs.

The longer I shopped, the less I wanted to get back home and begin writing my 3,000 words for the day.

When I came out, it was 54 degrees and shopping carts were sailing across the parking lot as a winter cold front blew into my region. The temperature went down a few degrees as I drove home. The call to write dimmed as the evening wore on until 8:00 PM then slid into total darkness.

I didn’t write one word on my novel tonight. But, I did have a breakthrough in a dream last night. Some of you may remember I rewrite and edit my works while sleeping. Here’s what happened. My heroine has an experience that turns her eyes a pale shade of blue.

I’d been thing about what to do with her mother. I had her mother presented as an insane person at the beginning of the book. But, I wanted to have the mother and the heroine connected. Ah, in my dream state, I saw the mother with pale blue eyes.

Now I have a back story to account for how the mother behaves as she does and why the daughter is as she is. The backstory even foreshadows what will ultimately happen in the novel.

I don’t feel too bad about missing a night of adding words. I love having dreams like that.