Using WordPress with Plugins: Gaining Experience

I have spent most of my weekend attempting to get WordPress online and operational. The WordPress per se is working, but I can’t get any Search Engine Optimizer, SEO, to work. The problem has many facets. First, I’m new to both WordPress and using plugins. Then WordPress SEO instructions are severely lacking in step by step detail. Like a lot of technical writing I’ve seen over the years, the writer assumes you know what he knows and starts from there.

That’s a bad assumption. When you are doing technical writing, Mr. Yoast, you should assume your readers know next to nothing about what you are saying, then build from there. I have been introduced to unexplained terms and concepts until I’m blue in the face, and still, I can’t find my page.

So, if you are totally unfamiliar with computers, the learning curve is pushed upwards by the lack of clear instructions.

Another problem is this. Yoast takes you to different pages with his instructions, as in ‘open a new page.’ When I try to back track to what I was reading just before I went to WordPress SEO, I can’t find it. So, I have to go through the steps to get to the previous page again. It’s frustrating.

Oddly, Yoast provided a survey which asked one question: “Why have you taken this survey?” or something like that. The obvious and only answer is, “Because you asked me to.”

I’ll keep trying until I find someone or something that helps me to connect to Google Search. Then, it’s off to Bing.