How Many Edits are Enough? (How many hours do I have to study for an A?)

This posting disappeared, so I am duplicating the intent, if not the exact words.

How many edits should you have for your work? That’s difficult to say. Here’s what I do: After I write a story, or a chapter, I go over it for basic grammar errors, spelling, and misused words.

Next, I reread the story to see how it flows. I correct as I go along. If I encounter a sentence, phrase, paragraph, or section that doesn’t work for me, I rewrite.

Then I run Word’s grammar checker and Grammarly, a proprietary¬†grammar checker. It not only checks grammar and spelling, but offers suggestions for words. I don’t always use its suggestions, but I consider them.

Next, I use Excel voice. This software converts text to word. I read along as it reads to me. Everyone who writes knows that they often read what they think they wrote. By having the computer read to me, this type error jumps off the page. Yes, I do go through the whole document doing this.

After I do a final read, I send the document to two readers. My readers are skilled in grammar and spelling. One is a journalist, the other is a very well read professional transcriber. If they have many questions, I send the document to a Ph.D. in English, and a Doctorate in Theology. The latter has read more than anyone I know.

So, back to the original questionHow many edits are enough? The answer is, “Until you are done.”

The answer to the second question is similar. How many hours do I have to study for an A? Answer? Until you know the subject. Works the same.