CreateSpace Woes and other things

I’ve been trying to upload my first two Anthem books in the trilogy. Every time I uploaded for the first umpteen times yesterday, the page numbers disappeared. Finally, I centered the page numbers on the bottom of the page. Then they appeared in CreateSpace, but… new problem. The numbering sequence changed which caused my Table O Contents to be out of whack with the actual page numbers.

CreateSpace says, of course, the problem is not theirs, it’s Word, they say. Of course, if I were to talk to Microsoft people, they would say it was CreateSpace or PDF.

Out of everything I’ve read, the only thing that makes sense to me is purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro XI. By doing that, I will have control over how the PDF page looks, and if WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) works from PDF to PDF, I should be able to retain my page numbers.

All in all, it appears that better training for using CreateSpace is becoming a Zen monk. Why? There is a tremendous amount of stress in trying to get CreateSpace to work properly. The emails from CreateSpace come quickly and they are gentle in their approach, but most of the emails I received from them were not addressed to the issues I was raising. For example, in one email I had a question about ISBNs. Their response had to do with creating PDF files in MS Word.

I had seven emails from them reminding me I had received earlier emails. That’s it… “You received an earlier email.” I don’t know about you, but my mailbox is full all the time. I don’t need emails telling me I received previous emails.

Enough of this… I’ll tell you later how purchasing Adobe Acrobat Pro XI worked out.