The Saga with CreateSpace continues

I purchased an ebook on formatting documents for CreateSpace. After reading through the chapter on Word, the author said, “Then I DID NOT use Word’s converter to get to PDF.” She used Adobe Acrobat (version unk.) to convert her Word rtf file to determine if there were any issues with her file. She found a few and corrected them in Acrobat before she uploaded her file to CreateSpace. So, the two instances where I found where authors passed their Word rtf or doc file through Acrobat in order to prepare to upload to CreateSpace. In those cases, they successfully uploaded. Everyone else has had problems, many of them experienced the same problems as I’m experiencing.

I would love to buy Adobe Acrobat XI (AAXI) today, but tomorrow I can buy the Student and Teacher’s edition at a discount. I’ll wait till then.

I noticed that AAXI has an action wizard where a sequence of frequently used steps can be applied to a single PDF file or batches of files. I think that means I may be able to identify the ‘fixes’ from Word to AAXI and put them in a automated routine to fix any file I upload from Word and intend to upload to CreateSpace.

If I can identify the steps to that, I’ll put it into a Kindle chapbook and tell the world how to do it.  That should cut into the sales of ebooks on How To convert PFD to CreateSpace.

It’s almost like the first day of school waiting to buy software to fix a problem. “How long till tomorrow Mom?”

P.S. after I posted this comment, I found the following at

“Acrobat is the best probram to usefor creating PDFs. If images are involved, given Word’s downsizing, do not use Word 2007-2010 ‘Save as PDF’ feature. Only NitroPDF ($119) and OpenOffice/LibreOffice, offer the security of PDF/A and full black text.”

That’s from a website for Commercial Digital Printing,