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Cover for Anthem I and Other Short Stories
Cover for Anthem I and Other Short Stories

My first hard copy book, Anthem I and Other Short Stories, a new book in Science Fiction and Fantasy, should be available in about a week on CreateSpace. Yep, I finally got everything right for uploading. So, whether you like to read books online, or have a copy in your hand, I have both. I could have separated my chapters into two books, my book is 583 pages in the PDF format, which is long for the average science fiction book, and even longer for a collection of short stories. I could have made it into two books. One could have been a fantasy fiction book, the other a science fiction book.

I have immediately begun to upload Anthem II for a proof copy. I’ll send that off to my editor next week. Then I should take about a week or so to make the changes she recommends.

The end of the school year slowed me down a bit. I had tests to give out and grade and papers to read. Fortunately, I met all my university deadlines.

As I guessed in a previous post, the problem I encountered with uploading to CreateSpace was solved by converting my Word file to PDF by using Adobe Acrobat. From what I understand, Word makes a reasonably good PDF, but not the same quality as Adobe Acrobat. That is reasonable since Adobe Acrobat invented the PDF.

Still, there is something eluding me when setting up CreateSpace. I thought I followed their steps slavishly, only to find that my text was outside their required margins. So, it’s back to the drawing board for Anthem II.