Steep Learning Curve

Some things come easily when it comes to writing, like writing itself. I love to write and love to read. But today, in order to get things out to readers, I have to use a blog, a Facebook page, an author’s page, upload to Kindle or other ereaders, convert Word files to PDF using Adobe Acrobat and navigate CreateSpace’s upload process. In the last month, I accomplished the last three things, but found the instructions from Word, Adobe, and CreateSpace lacks something. I didn’t find one source that had an easy-to-follow, step-by-step set of instructions that helped me to get through their maze easily.

In fact, it was only when I gave up on their instructions and thought about what I was trying to accomplish that I was able to succeed. Here’s how I did that. If you think about a block of text as an overlay on a page, what you are trying to do with CreateSpace is put that block within some prescribed lines. So, rather than trying to stay within their recommended measures for  top, bottom, left and right, think about which margin needs to be adjusted to move the block.

My problem was I wanted a Header at the top of the page and page numbers at the bottom. I could see them in Word, it’s a what you see is what you get software program, WYSIWYG. I could also see them in Adobe Acrobat, it’s WYSIWYG too. But, alas, when you go from PDF to CreateSpace all pretense for being WYSIWYG disappears. So what happened to my header and page numbers? Although it looked like I’d given them enough space, I followed the instructions, didn’t I, I actually hadn’t given them enough space to show up on CreateSpace. So, I increased the margins on the top and bottom to a little larger than CreateSpace called for and , Viola!, there my header was and there my page numbers were.