Roger’s Books

Roger has two books currently available on Kindle Publishers. They are Anthem I and II. A third Anthem is awaiting edit. It should be available in May of 2013. The Anthem Trilogy, is a collection of more than thirty short stories, predominately in the Science Fiction, Fantasy genres. A few of Roger’s short stories are mainstream.

Roger wrote another book for the National Novel Writing Month competition, affectionately known as NaNoWriMo, in November 2012. Following the completion of his Anthem Trilogy, that book, which he calls Red Maslem and the Pilots of Anzu, will be edited. A Red Maslem story also appears in Anthem II. It is a version of the first chapter of the book.

A fifth book is on the back burner. Roger wrote this book first, just after he retired. Like many first time authors, this was a ‘learning’ exercise for him. The book is entitled The Viney Woods, for a working title. This book is not scheduled for edit at this time.